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The application for COMPASS 2024 is now out! Click the link in the text below for the application.
COMPASS at Michigan

A workshop for students considering graduate school in philosophy


The Department of Philosophy at the University of Michigan is thrilled to announce COMPASS at Michigan 2024. This workshop will bring together students from a diversity of backgrounds for two weekends of philosophical discussion, networking and mentoring. Advanced undergraduates and M.A. students (first and second year)  who are planning to apply to graduate institutions in North America are eligible to apply. 


Applicants should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be part of a group/demographic underrepresented in academic philosophy;

  • Have demonstrated a sustained commitment to diversity in philosophy


The workshop will take place in Fall 2024 on October 4-6. Workshop participants will be expected to read in advance 3 papers from a range of subfields (depending in part on the interests of accepted participants). In addition to sessions discussing the papers, there will be one session featuring faculty members giving advice on graduate school and one session featuring a graduate student panel on graduate school applications and graduate student life. There will also be opportunities to attend graduate student research presentations and meet with graduate student mentors. 


Applicants will be notified by TBA.


To apply, complete the application in this link.

There are two components to the application:

  1. Basic information form

  2. File uploads

    1. Academic statement (max. 750 words): ​​Please provide an academic statement addressing the following questions: What is your current background in philosophy? What areas of philosophy interest you most and why? Are you considering applying for further education in philosophy? If you are writing a senior or MA thesis, please include a brief description of it. Additionally, please comment on how COMPASS can provide resources that will help you more successfully pursue the study of philosophy. (For example, if your home institution has no graduate program, you might speak about how COMPASS would provide an opportunity to interact with PhD students. We welcome any thoughts on how COMPASS could be beneficial for you.) 

    2. Personal statement (max. 500 words): Please provide a personal statement describing your experience in philosophy as a member of an underrepresented group and/or your sustained commitment to diversity in philosophy. Please be specific and detailed in your response, and include any information and experiences that may be relevant to the selection committee. Examples of sustained commitment to diversity in philosophy might include, but are not limited to: participation and/or leadership in diversity organizations and initiatives, experience mentoring other students in philosophy, participation in workshops or conferences focusing on work by underrepresented groups in philosophy, experience contributing to or working for philosophy journals which publish work produced by individuals from underrepresented groups, etc. 

    3.  Writing sample (optional): You may also optionally submit a writing sample to demonstrate your interest and experience in philosophy. Your writing sample could be a paper for a philosophy course, a philosophy paper you’ve written for graduate school applications, or an undergrad/MA thesis, for example. This writing sample is not required and your application will not be penalized should you choose not to send a writing sample. Still, we encourage applicants to send in their best written work in philosophy so that the committee can see where you are in progress towards graduate school applications. 


Any questions or concerns can be directed to We look forward to receiving your applications! 

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