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COMPASS at Michigan 2018

September 28-29, 2018 at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Paper discussion sessions

  • "What You Can't Expect When You're Expecting" by L.A. Paul (facilitated by Angela Sun)

  • "Facts and Values" by Peter Railton (facilitated by Ariana Peruzzi)

  • "The Aptness of Anger" by Amia Srinivasan (facilitated by Sumeet Patwardhan)


  • Faculty panel on applying to graduate school (Ishani Maitra, David Manley, Laura Ruetsche)

  • Graduate student panel on being a philosophy graduate student

Graduate student research presentations

  • "Identity, Autonomy, and Amelioration" (Kevin Craven)

  • "Scientific Understanding Without Agents" (Josh Hunt)

  • "Aristotle on the Structure of Rational Deliberation" (Van Tu)

What the participants are saying....

I think the diversity of backgrounds and experiences really made a different to what sorts of philosophical concerns were raised, and I wish that sort of environment was more common in the discipline.

Gave me hope for academic philosophy and an idea of what the academic community should look like!

I've never been been in a philosophy context where I wanted to be personal friends with every single person there! It was such a wonderful experience and made me more optimistic about grad school.

I feel much more informed about the process of applying as well as what it's like in grad school.

I feel more confident, prepared, and knowledgeable about applying to grad school, and I actually feel like I have a shot at getting in somewhere (not so prior to the workshop)... the program has left a lasting positive impression on me.

I saw that there are environments where there's philosophy and kindness.

I really appreciated that the organizers took the time to choose topics that all the participants were interested in. I think it made for a space where we all were able to engage in fruitful discussion. Also, loved the different styles of those who facilitated the discussions.

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