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COMPASS at Michigan 2022

October 20-22, 2022 at the University of Michigan

Paper discussion sessions

  • Sukaina Hirji, “Oppressive Double Binds” (2021) (facilitated by Valerie Trudel and Yuan Fang)

  • Maruśič, “Do reasons expire? An essay on grief” (2018) (facilitated by Gabrielle Kerbel and Marley Hornewer)

  • Jennifer Kling & Megan Mitchell, “Bottles and Bricks: Rethinking the Prohibition against Violent Political Protest” (2019) (facilitated by Lindy Oritz and Joshua Harrington)


  • Faculty panel on applying to graduate school (Anna Edmonds and Janum Sethi)

  • Graduate student panel on being a philosophy graduate student (Gillian Gray, Rebecca Harrison, Lindy Ortiz, Julian Rome, and Gabrielle Kerbel)

Flash Talks (graduate student research presentations)

  • Joshua Petersen, “How Race Makes Place, or why markets can’t solve displacement under inequality”

  • Ariana Peruzzi, "When We Decide: Voluntariness, Plural Agency, and Migrant Choice"

  • Julian Rome, "Degrees of Dys/Utopia in Plato's Republic and Margaret Atwood's Handmaid's Tale"

See the full schedule here.

What the participants are saying....

I had such an amazing experience at COMPASS@Michigan and I'm really grateful to have participated. It was so relaxed and created a comfortable environment to ask questions and just discuss philosophy. The graduate students and organizers were so nice and helpful. I would recommend this experience to any eligible person out there.

I have a clearer idea of what opportunities there are and how to get a feel for the department(s) (ie engage with faculty to know what programs have people doing research in what I want, engaging with grad students about their experience, etc). I also feel more aware of the admissions process and what they look for.

The faculty panel and grad student panel answered a lot of my questions about applications, and the organizers shared a lot of their insights on applications. Finally, the big post-program email contains so much helpful content. I definitely feel more prepared than before.

This experience is amazing. I love the people, the climate, the discussion, the hotel, the food, the campus, and everything. I would definitely recommend this program to any student of minority who are interested in pursue philosophy graduate study.

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